Sağlam KOBİ project, in addition to the lessons learned in the aftermath of the Van Earthquake, has been in place throughout Turkey to reinforce SMEs disaster awareness, preparedness, resilience and response competency since 2013. 

Within the scope of the project that aims to support SMEs to prepare for disasters and to ensure their return to the market in the aftermath of disasters; it has reached more than 20,000 people until today. Since 2013, Sağlam KOBİ project has organized 65 trainings and training of trainers sessions in 25 cities, and has approximately reached 3000 SMEs across Turkey. In addition to one to one classes and trainings of trainers, the project assists SMEs in disaster preparedness with the help of the free online tools. In order to produce technology based solutions to SMEs’ disaster preparedness processes, hackathon activities have been held. The project which transfers its knowledge and experience from local scale to global, develops content based on regional needs and arranges/organises training activities. Lastly, in October and November 2018, the project conducted a research called “Disaster Resilience of SMEs in Turkey” in collaboration with Sia Insight. The research, in the 20th anniversary of the Marmara Earthquake, is notable for setting forth the shorts and the needs that we have in disaster preparation and resilience.