Resilience In A Box Test

Have you assembled a “team” of individuals within the business who know key operations and can provide important perspectives when planning for and responding to disasters?
Have you assigned someone to lead business disaster planning efforts for your business?
Have you organized all your critical documents and information so they are easily accessible when needed most?
Have you identified and prioritized which business operations are critical so you know what to recover first, second, etc.?
Have you identified the possible hazards (natural and man-made) which could interrupt your business?
Have you developed continuity or emergency procedures so you can continue to provide products or services after a disaster (e.g. we cannot access our building, need a generator, etc.)?
Have you made accessible all important data or files for decision-making if you were unable to access your facility, e.g. after a fire?
Have you maintained updated emergency contact information for employees, vendors, suppliers, customers, and other key contacts?
Have you trained employees to assist (e.g. respond to injuries, evacuate building ) when an emergency occurs?
Have you maintained emergency supplies for your businesses to address immediate needs, such as if employees are unable to go home?
Have you regularly backed-up your data?
If you have regularly backed-up your data, also store your data back-ups offsite?
Have you taken steps to safeguard against potential damage to your equipment, buildings or facilities?
Have you protected inventory/storage from theft, loss or damage during an earthquake, fire, water pipe break, etc.?
Have you maintained procedures to communicate after a disaster with employees, suppliers, vendors, customers, and the public?
Have you tested continuity/emergency/disaster plan in place regularly?
Have you updated continuity/emergency/disaster plan in place at least annually?
Have you established partnerships with other businesses, government and/or community organizations that can serve as resources when the next crisis arrives?